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We are aerial photographers supplying images to a high standard and specification for use in corporate and industrial publications, advertising,publicity and brochure production.

City of London

Our experience encompasses smaller projects of individual importance right through to industrial parks, shipping, installations, property development, and air to air. Not just in the UK, worldwide too.

An aerial photograph gives a completely different view of a subject and when used in conjunction with conventional ground shots it heightens the interest of any brochure or advertisement.

Aerial photography and filming is invariably shot from a helicopter allowing the photographer greater control to achieve the very best angles and giving superior stability to camera equipment.

Both single and twin engined helicopters are used depending on the job requirement.

Lifting off from Stapleford

Only helicopter companies with full AOC and great experience in aerial filming are chartered for our clients work. The liason and understanding between pilot and cameraman is very important in the interests of safety. Use of fixed wing aircraft is an option open to us when larger areas of land or countryside outside built up areas are to be photographed.

Images are obtained by digital methods using high resolution camera equipment and supplied to the client by Broadband, email, CD, DVD, and in print form when required.

With years of professional experience we can offer you, the client, what you want and at a cost-effective price.



Lifting off from Stapleford.

River Thames and the City of London

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